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Thursday, 3 June 2010

lagenda budak setan...i want watch it..

Kasyah (Farid Kamil) is a troublemaker in high school but things change when he meets Ayu (Lisa Surihani) and she accepts him. However, Kasyah has to go to a village to complete his thesis which forces him to part with Ayu. She then meets her ex-lover Azmi (Que Haidar) who pursues her.

Classification: U
Genre: Drama / Romance
General Release Date: 03 Jun 2010
Running Time: 1 Hour 46 Minutes,
Distributor: Golden Screen Cinemas
Cast: Farid Kamil, Lisa Surihani, Nur Fazura, Que Haidar, Raja FarahDirector: Sharad Sharan

nie la novel Lagenda Budak Setan yang diadaptasi...kompem novel nie mmg best..

"Lagenda Budak Setan" (LBS) has been reprinted several times since the 1980s making it a best seller of all time. Ahadiat Akashah's novel has been adapted into a tragic love film. The film revolves around Kasyah (Farid Kamil) known as 'Budak Setan' among his university classmates because he is badly behaved. All this changed when Kasyah meets a beautiful girl named Ayu (Lisa Surihani). Their relationship started to evolve when Kasyah decided to conduct some research in a rural village. After he left, Ayu was forced into marriage with her ex boyfriend Azmi (Que Haidar), a womaniser and drunkard.

The storyline is easily understandable even for those who have yet to read the novel, however Kasyah and Ayu's display of affection may seem irritating to some of the audience. There are various elements inserted as well such as love, sorrow, comedy and a hint of action. The writer failed to move the audience with the love story between Kasyah and Ayu in the beginning. Nevertheless, when Azmi appeared, things started to pick up. Not because we like Que, but because it was a sign that the story is heating up.

Even though Que is the supporting actor, his performance definitely stands out with his hot tempered and abusive behaviour. One of the scenes that would be etched in the minds of the audiences is when Ayu was badly beaten by Azmi. Before this, Lisa was constantly being criticised for being 'stiff', now we can see her facial expressions portrayed well during this exceptionally emotional scene. That particular moment has definitely brought Lisa to another level in the film industry.

On the other hand, Farid's acting did not disappoint and it was heart-rending to see him go through misfortunes. Newcomer Shiqin Kamal still has a lot of room for improvement especially his facial expressions that sometimes didn't quite hit the spot. Meanwhile, Fazura is on board in this epic love story playing the role of Katerina (the title name for Ahadiat Akashah's second novel).

Director Sharad Sharan ("Diva", "Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri") uses Indonesia's Windra Beyamin and Gio's composition in the film. The song "Bila Cinta" is played several times, yet still sounds fresh every time and complements the emotional scenes well.

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AYAI said...

tapi aku letih la cite ni, snang sangat nk dapat awek, pumping je dapat awek,hoho..lisa surihani plak tu..

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